28 January 2007

Bakey Bakey: About to pop Gateau Breton into the oven (butter cake – 1st time to make it). While it’s baking, I’ll make creme anglaise to serve with the cake. Sounds rich and decadent – looking forward to a taste!

Sangio Stockup: Went back to Bevmo for 3 more bottles of the Gina sangiovese. Also got some truffles and extra sharp white cheddar. Also picked up a nice Oneida heavy-bottomed sauce pot (3.5 qt) that I’ve desperately needed as I do more varied types of dishes.

Wary: Kept pretty busy today, but I’m detecting that toxic ache you get when the flu kicks in. I’ve downed tons of water today and will be in bed early tonight to hopefully stave off the bug. A stomach virus is going around the office – two of my teammates had it last week.

All Skate: (Except me.) So, U.S. nationals has wrapped up in Spokane, and I’ve managed to capture it all on the DVR, but haven’t seen a single salchow. Hopefully I’ll have time later this week…

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