27 January 2007

C’mon, Google: Peeked at my stats just now (I check ’em just a couple of times a week – really not that much activity at my humble little place). Today, someone in the UK (near Blackburn in the Northwest) did a search for my site via “bash place” and got just the one frame like my Hants searcher, which is now gone because I ditched the frames setup for divs. I also put the appropriate keywords in the meta tags and title. Yahoo Search has caught up and properly returns the root directory of my site based on those keywords, but Google still offers up “…/bashtography.html”. I put that page back up with a link to redirect. Now, if Google would just catch up – usually it beats Yahoo hands down. But not this time. I’ve submitted the requisite sitemaps, etc., to both engines, so eventually they will crawl my site again. (I love optimization stuff – get to do a little of this at work.)

I wonder if it’s a different person in the UK who’s looking for my site, or if my “bashes place” searcher has gone walkabout. That area/IP hasn’t yet visited my site or blog since I moved my hosting to Lunarpages in October and got access to all these stats. Anyway, in case they DO stop by, ‘ello, UK!

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