26 January 2007

A Proper Week’s Work: I am officially whooped. It’s nearing 7 pm as I write, and my first choice for the evening’s activitiy is to go to bed. I crammed so much work into this week…they can’t say I don’t earn it.

Lovin’ the Oven!: New, gleaming white Kenmore gas range awaited my arrival home this evening. It’s getting a test drive right now, but it has so many more racks and rack levels and controls than the last one that I already love it much better. I’m going to bake up a tasty weekend!

Gotta Go to Bevmo: Need more of that lovely sangiovese. It’s nice to have a red around that I can drink easily, with or without food. The benefits of drinking a little red wine most days is a pretty compelling thing for the girl who usually drinks alcohol only a few times a year.

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