26 December 2006

Sloooooooow: Man, work was a drag today. The 3rd floor was nearly empty – just a few poor souls stuck at the wheel, grinding away. My boss sent me home at noon. I got a lot done in the three hours I was in, mainly because there was no one there to interrupt me. Finished a draft copy deck for one project and got 1/3 of the way through another one. Debra, aka My Favorite Producer (don’ttellMike), dropped me at the train station on her way to lunch. I ran a bunch of errands on my way home and arrived here just in time to duck a huge rainstorm. Been catching up on chores and email, and playing with my Webkinz cat a bit. (They have a few games on that site that are fun – I’m not a big gamer, but they have card games and quizzes that I rack up the Kinz Bucks on. Gotta earn the cash to feed my kitty and build on to her house!)

Pippi’s Caper, Day 2: She made it to just inside Oklahoma last night. Norad will track her as she heads toward Memphis today…

New Views: Central City, Kentucky, Lafayette, IN, and Boston again. Hope 2006 is ending well for you all.

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