25 January 2007

Early to Bed: I hope. It’s just been an insane week. I’ve sat straight up in bed twice this week with ideas for work – great for the projects, bad for me. I get to sleep easily, but if awakened, tend to get back to sleep slowly. Waiting for a grocery delivery to arrive, and once that’s put away, I’m off for the bubble bath/bed routine.

Bon Terra, indeed: Sipping an organic chardonnay from up north. During our summer tour, the “convoy” passed by the Bonterra Winery on our way from Eureka to Brentwood. (Except for Janet and Gary, who decided to take the scenic route past Clear Lake, almost got caught in a wildfire and nearly missed the Corn Fest soundcheck!) This chardonnay has a very creamy texture. I don’t often stray from reds unless it’s champagne, but I like this one. Speaking of Gary – happy birthday, mate. *grin*

Lovin’ the Oven?: Perhaps! My stove was ancient when I moved in here 10 years ago. It’s finally died and a new one arrives tomorrow. Wonder if it will have bells and whistles? Wonder if my cookies will taste even better now? I’m itchin’ to do some baking, so the arrival time is just right!

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