24 December 2006

Lovely Day: Went for a long walk through Chinatown on my way to do errands. Before I left, I heard on KCBS news that the fire department needed 5000 more toys for the holidays, so I got two bags full during my errands – little things – and dropped them off. Bought a replacement for my infamous guitar backpack, which is falling apart. The new one is a sort of brownish-pewter metallic color with a hot pink foiled pick guard. The whole afternoon was lovely – and I had selections from A Charlie Brown Christmas playing on my iPod to make it even better. I enjoy the lilting then giddy “Skating”, and the anticipatory air of “Christmas is Coming.” And of course, the classic “Linus and Lucy” theme and the sweet melancholy of “Christmastime is Here.” Nothing brought my childhood home to a stop like a Peanuts broadcast, and the volume always got turned up a bit – dad said it was just about the best kind of music on earth. West Coast is my favorite subgenre of jazz to this day. Got home to a holiday email greeting from one of my UK musical pals to help cap the day. Egg nog with Jameson is the perfect end to it. 🙂

Webkinz: My nephews in Indiana have stuffed animal dogs that have cyber counterparts online. They’re called Webkinz, and they sent me a Webkinz cat for Christmas. She’s a little white and orange cutie I named Satsuma. When we can, the boys and I will arrange a time to be online together – our pets can play together and participate in games and quizzes. Looks like a lot of fun!

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