23 January 2007

Slammed: I’m here. Barely. Working another week of long hours. The head cold is still lingering, but much better than last week. Lovely sunny days beckon me out for lunchtime walks. Sadly, I barely have time for bites of lunch between emails and copy requests, let alone walking. I really hope they approve getting us another writer (we’ll know near the end of February). Would make things a bit easier for Larry and I.

Sangio: Having the last of that bottle of Gina tonight. Definitely need to hit Bevmo for a stockup on that one.

Bubbles: Off to soak the aching knees (I’ve been doing stairs instead of elevator at work) in some H2O+ Almond bubbles. I fell madly in love with the product during the holidays. Of course, they’re discontinuing it. Figgers. LOL!

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