23 December 2006

Outing: I managed to leave my house, and to hit Macy’s of all places…it was a madhouse. But I was with my friend Rani, and we always have fun together. I got a $20 tub of Christmas Snow Showers shower jelly at Lush, some Frango mints at Macy’s (hadn’t had those in a couple of decades!) and then we met up with her husband and little boy for dinner at Korea House, a favorite of ours. Loads of bulgogi (aka pul-kogi) and other tasty treats. SO much food – I could have rolled right down the hill.

Rani and I stopped in the newest location of BevMo afterwards, agreeing that it was far too close to our homes. (Beverages and More is a liquor warehouse-type chain. Only Trader Joe’s has better prices, but TJ’s doesn’t always have all my favorites in stock.) My entire liquor cabinet had been transported to our annual party at Santa Cruz this past summer, and then it continued on a two-week tour with my British musician friends who are most excellent drinkers. By Mission Viejo, it was wiped out. I’d restocked the Chambord, but tonight I came home with di Sarrono Amaretto and Jameson, plus an Israeli favorite, Sabra. It’s a chocolate and orange liqueur that proved quite popular with the Loire-dweller amongst the traveling band of merrical music makers this summer. He usually had a healthy serving of it as a nightcap. It was “Ghost like Swayze” by the end of the road. Nice to have it back on my shelf. Slightly chilled, you get more orange. Slightly warmed, the chocolate comes to the fore. Tasty!

Noggy Girl: The aforementioned Jameson blends quite well with egg nog…  😀

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