22 December 2006

TGIFoLHW (Thank G-d it’s Friday of Long Holiday Weekend): Two short weeks in a row are coming up. Timing could NOT be better…I’ve completely run out of reserves. Still really congested and just can’t shake this cold. Three days in a row of not waking up until I wake up will be a great help.

Mayhem: Getting ANYthing done this time of the year is such a chore. My shopping’s been complete for a week, but I must be an early bird compared to the mobs I’m encountering on my way home from work each night. Fighting through the aisles at Walgreens just to get toothpaste and cotton swabs turned into a 20-minute ordeal tonight. I may not leave my house for the next three days…

New York, New York: A reader from the center of the known universe stopped by yesterday. Plus the usual readers. Hope you’re all having good holidays.

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