21 December 2006

Seriously?: This is straight out of the “You Gotta Be Kidding Me” department. We got an email from our Facilities folks at work today, reminding us that some foods we microwave are “more fragrant” than others and could we please consider not packing them for lunch. Now, we’re almost 600 employees in 3 different buildings, and from all over the globe. We have large contingents from South Asia, from the Far East, from Russia. Add in the fact that this is the health-conscious Bay Area, northern California, where everyone has a serving of broccoli a day, and you can imagine the disbelief ringing through the cubicles here. Haiku verses have been flying, laughter has rolled all through the Creative Department, and several of us are concocting a recipe for catfish broccoli curry (super spicy) to microwave right outside the Facilities offices for the duration of the year. (No one really wants to eat it…) Oh, and there will be plenty of burnt popcorn, too.

Shortly after this email went out, another one informed us that the little cafe in our main building (purveyor of fine bland sandwiches and salads) will be closed between Christmas and the New Year…I guess we’re all packing PBJs and fruitcake next week. 🙂

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