2006 in Review


Much greater responsibilities at work: I get very frustrated if I’m not using my full range of skills in a work situation. In the last three months, my responsibilities have tripled, and even though I grumbled about being swamped during holiday, I’ve also never felt more accomplished. Now, if the company will do right by me and formalize the situation come review time, all will be perfect. If not, hey, I’ve got a ton more to put on the old CV…

My two beautiful furkids: They’re purrfect!

My family: They are some cool, kooky folks…

Roadtrip: My once-in-a-lifetime experience with Janet and the boys this summer. We were a party and profit machine!

Fastball: Barry Zito crossing the bridge to play at SBC Park. Add him to Noah Lowry on the Giants’ pitching staff, and I’ll forget we don’t have JT Snow to drool over. Zito is one nice-looking boy. And once he gets going, he can sure pitch, too. 🙂

LOL: The laughs I enjoy courtesy my UK pal. He’s a one-off.

Great sistah-friends: Janet, Deb, Rani, Dyna and Plum are the best!

Dr. Marilyn Milkman: She’s been my doc for 10 years, and just happens to specialize in various surgical approaches to treating the condition I developed. She and her staff at UCSF Mount Zion took excellent care of me – things could not have gone better. She played a very big role in my life this year.

Much improved health: (see above) Can’t wait to see how I’ll feel when fully recovered.

A blue Congress.

Nyquil: It got me through the work hell that was December, 2006.

Gavin Newsom: San Francisco is a very liberal town, and I love that, but sometimes it loses sight of what is truly practical. Not Newsom. Instead of handing $500 a month to any homeless person who shows up here (and they came from everywhere for the handout), the mayor has taken that money and partnered with non-profit and faith-based organizations to greatly extend the amount of services offered to the homeless. People are being fed, housed and treated for their additctions instead of handed cash to further their addictions, keep them on the streets, etc. Also, I’m not huge on marriage – it’s not for me – but it should be for any two people who are adults and want it. Newsom stood up for gays and lesbians who want the same rights and benefits as straight people. And those are just two good things out of many he’s done for our city. Too bad the press’ constant digging into who he’s dating, etc., has him considering NOT running for re-election.

Girlie Stuff: Champagne Snow Showers, Karma, Sunny Side, Big, Eggsnog and all my other Lush addictions; Almond bath bubbles and Sea Results skin care line (and JASON – you’re the best!) at H2O+; lavender shea butter, Mattifying Lotion and lavender bath foam from L’Occitane. I should live in a spa…


Saddam Hussein: I don’t support the death penalty (nor the war), but I can imagine there are a lot of Iraqis who will be glad to know he can never terrorize them again. Sadly, they still have so much else to worry about…

Invaders: The golfball- to grapefruit-sized tumors removed from my abdomen in June. Good riddance! Also happy to miss feeling 8.5 months pregnant due to the pressure those tumors caused.

Soap suds: Sitting with the dopey ex-date while he cries over the torments of the road. A certain person travels great distances just to see him and really pressures him for his time and company, etc. Apparently he caved in, and I got the “honor” of sitting through his regretful torrents of tears (several times!) while swallowing the instinct to smack the boy upside his fool head. But no more of that – he can be just as pathetic without me.

A Republican-controlled Congress.

Jason Schmidt: You go pitch for the Dodgers, boy. We’ll see what happens your first start AGAINST the Giants.

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