20 January 2007

Woah…: Just caught up with the season premiere of 24. Breathless, as usual. Was TERRIFIC to see Alexander Siddig in a main role – I loved how he portrayed the puppy-like but genius Doctor Bashir on Deep Space Nine. This character is worlds away from that one, though. Will be interesting to watch it all unfold. That thing Jack had to do in the 4th hour was such a damn shame – it just broke my heart.

Mmmmm: Sipping a lovely 2004 Gina sangiovese. Under $10 with my Club Bev card, one of those great deals you just love to find. It’s as good as any sangio I’ve paid twice as much for. Picked up some yummy chocolate truffles at Bevmo as well – they go quite nicely with the wine.

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