17 February 2007

Gorgeous: About 70 degrees and not a cloud to be seen. Ran a bunch of errands for the launch of Bash’s Home Upgrade. Bought new flatware at Crate and Barrel (the style called “Mix”), and a lot of storage and organizing objects at the Container Store. (I LOVE that place!) Gonna try to force some order into my kitchen. It’s a decent-sized space, but there’s very little storage. Going to toss out some stuff and get the remaining bits together. Throughout the spring, I’ll move room to room and do the whole place. It’s almost 10 years in this apartment – I love it here – but it’s time for a purge.

Readers: Besides my usual folks, a few people from BlogHer came by this week. Also, someone who opened only one post on my blog – my 2006 Year in Review. That happens either when they get that post from a search or someone sends them a link to it via email. The reader used a proxy in Sweden, so I don’t know where they came from and a referral source was not provided. I always like to see what keywords people use when they end up on my blog. Lots of folks end up here after searching for Webkinz, the plush toys that have a virtual online world associated with them. (My nephews sent me a Webkinz cat for Christmas, so I occasionally log on and play a game or two.)

Relaxing: Beginning a brief, four-day break from work. Need to catch up on this week’s 2-hour installment of 24. Monday, I’m booked for a dosha balancing massage and shirodhara at one of my favorite day spas. Can’t wait!

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