17 December 2006

Whew!: Some of the “put-offable” chores (mainly, the laundry) had really been put off lately, since I’ve been so swamped and battling that bug. So, today, I did 12 loads of laundry (up and down three flights of stairs, three loads at a time – a morning-long workout!). Took some unwanted furniture to the laundry room (a chair and small table, which we can use while waiting), dragged out all the recycling, moved some living room furniture, put away all the laundry and changed the linens on my big, huge, enormous bed. I’m exhausted!

Holiday: Finished my shopping yesterday. Also sent out all my cards yesterday – here’s hoping a full week is long enough. Can’t count on the 3 days coast-to-coast promise for a first class letter this time of year. If we usually exchange cards, please know yours is on the way!

Addicted: Lush’s Christmas Snow Showers shower jelly. Bought the last bit of it at the SF Union Square store yesterday. Smells like a mimosa (Buck’s Fizz, to you Brits who read me). I’m about to set sail for the SF Union STREET store to see if they have any in stock. Will load my refrigerator with the stuff if they do – amazing lather, moisture and scent.

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