16 January 2007

Busy Busy: Same story, different day.

Dizzy Dizzy: The sniffles are lingering and I was very dizzy today. Since I don’t operate heavy machinery, it was kinda fun. *grin*

Goals: Well, half the month’s gone, and I still haven’t gotten as much of the month’s goals done as I’d like. Guess I’ll be “busy busy busy” for the next two weeks!

Bashes Place: Just had a look at my stats, and for the second time in as many months, someone in southeast Hampshire in the UK was trying to get to my web site via a search for “Bashes Place” (my site was called “Bash’s Place” until I changed it to “Bash*tography” a few months ago). The search turns up just one frame of my site, so the links don’t appear and that person can’t see the rest of my site. (This happens due to a few factors and comes up from time to time.) All this reminds me that I need to rebuild the site and dump the frames – they’re 1998 technology. Meantime, I guess I should put up a link to temporarily fix it until I get time to rebuild. “Busy busy busy busy!”

And I can’t help but wonder who my determined would-be viewer in southeast Hampshire could be. I do have an acquaintance in the area…

Cold: As in “baby, it’s cold outside.” But the clouds have moved in and it’s raining, which should raise the temperatures a little. Meanwhile, we’ve lost at least 75% of the citrus crop in much of California. I rely on the farmer’s market near my place for a lot of my citrus, and it looks like I’ll have to find another source. Farming is like show business – all the hard work in the world means not much when fate steps in (or doesn’t). Here today, gone tomorrow…

Quote: “Everyone seems normal…until you get to know them.” (Note to Janet – a quote for Le Freak Show? LOL!)

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