15 December 2006

Adapting?: Or maybe today was just easier. Even though I was as busy as always, it seemed to go along with less stress and bumps. Perhaps I’m getting better at keeping all these balls in the air. Crazy stuff, and yet I cranked out a project and got final approvals on it a full week ahead of schedule.

Goodbye: One of the best producers I’ve ever worked with has left us for Seattle and Microsoft. Keith, you are The Producer(TM) and we’ll miss you dearly…

New Views: Speaking of Seattle, someone up there was poking around my site today. Then there are the usual readers here at BashUp. A small, cozy crowd has gathered. Thanks to family/friends who are indulging me in this form of “keeping in touch” – it really is the best way for me right now. Keep those emails and texts coming!

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