14 January 2007

Crap: Worked from home Friday, feeling crapulent from this bug. Missed Joshie P.’s birthday dinner at Bucca di Beppo, and also didn’t make it out to shoot Jay’s gig last night. He was such a dear about it – we work together, and he knows how sick I’ve been. I was bummed, because it’s been over a year since I’ve seen him play. His band, Yardsale, lost their drummer last year (he moved to the east coast) and they broke up, so Jay had to figure out what format he wanted to start over in. Getting his trio together took a little while and this was their first big gig. Next time, for sure…

Deep Freeze: It’s dropped to freezing or below from the coast inland for the last three nights. There are major concerns about the citrus crops (loads of navel oranges and lemons up here and the bergamots down south). I’m wrapped in a blanket more often than not, and thinking it’s high time I made that first visit to Hawaii. 🙂

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