13 February 2007

All Checked Off the List: The last of my “interviews” took place today. In almost every circumstance, the interviewer stated they were surprised I wasn’t already a senior level writer (and I always had to say “I am. We’re just trying to convince HR of it, that’s all…”). Most of them talked with me about the management aspects the job will entail, since that’s the only part of the job I’m not already doing. (Senior writers can remain individual contributors or take the management track at our company. I want the management gig.)

Late today, I had my chat with the VP of Creative, a notoriously tough (but very fair) interviewer. I wasn’t nervous, but had put some serious thought into how I’d answer the really sticky questions she can put forth. I got into her office, and she said, “I don’t even want to interview you for this job – you’ll be perfect for it. Let’s chat about what is expected of the role and what opportunities it will bring you.”

At the end of the day my boss said, “It’s 99% a done deal – and I’m only saying that because we’re both a little supersticious about these things.” We should find out tomorrow yea or nay, but the timing of the move is still up in the air. Reviews come next month, so HR is trying to sort out whether my promotion should be immediate or happen then. It could affect the level they place me in – the levels are a new thing as of this year and they haven’t completely sorted out which percentage of this and that should apply to a situation like this. The level determines the salary and bonus band I’m placed in, so I don’t mind if they take a little time to sort it out and get it right. *grin* Almost ready to celebrate. Stay tuned!

Blizzard: My whole family is snowed in – Central Indiana is getting whomped by a nasty snow storm. I remember the blizzard of ’78…and I really don’t miss all that. Stay safe out there!

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