13 December 2006

An Odd Place: Work just gets stranger all the time. In addition to writing everything under the sun lately, I’ve been planning resources – going to meetings, determining how long it will likely take a writer to do the work proposed in a project, and then assigning a writer to the project. It takes up a good bit of time every week, keeping track of the small items that pop up ad hoc, estimating the level of effort they will take, and finding a way to wedge them into either my schedule or my coworker’s. (There are just two permanent writers in my division.) And recently, I received permission to start assigning some of the work to an offsite contractor who has been a tremendous help during our redesign and holiday times. I have to coordinate some things for the offsite writer and also attend meetings (he’ll dial in) so I can help facilitate the project. Until now, I have not been tasked with reviewing the WORK of these writers. I am not their manager and they do not report to me. But today, my boss asked me if I would start reviewing some of the work of my in-house coworker. In addition to not being quite sure when I will have time for this extra work, it’s awkward because he outranks me – he’s the senior UIW, I’m just at the staff level. The boss insists that *I’m* the person to do all these tasks and keeps piling more things on that are traditionally part of a manager’s role. It’s an odd place to be in, and it also makes me a bit angry that the company saw fit to pass on my promotion last March, when the boss already knew then that she wanted me to take on all this stuff and pushed very hard to get me promoted. More than one person has commented to my boss that they couldn’t understand why I’m not ranked at least at the senior level. Promotions come again in March. There’d damn well better be something for me in that pot…

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