11 January 2007

Cold: Still congested and feeling crappy, but dragged myself to work. Others in the office have succumbed, as well. Parts of the third floor sound more like Sick Bay than “The People Who Make the Web Site.” It was tough to get through without Nyquil…

Speaking of Cold: BRRRRRRRRR! The freeze continues in the bay area. San Francisco itself has a freeze warning for tomorrow night. That just doesn’t happen ’round here. I’ll need a couple more cats for warmth if this keeps up!

Work: Today I learned that my bonus got doubled, and that’s retroactive to the start of 2006. (Our bonuses are different at my company – based 50/50 on our division’s bottom line and the overall company performance.) Last time they were over 90% of the potential amount – this time, we’re tracking at about 85%. (Pay out is in March – parTAY!) Add this to the raise the boss got me last review, and I’m actually going to be paid WELL, instead of paid okay, compared to the market. Woo hoo!

Yum: Had some homemade yogurt tonight, blended with a touch of sugar and a fresh raspberry coulis. Nice to control the sweet level in the yogurt – I made it unsweetened, so I could rely more on fruits for the sugars. Waiting for the weekend: more Granny Smith apples for sauteeing, and some young red potatoes I’ll cook in a little e.v. olive oil with herbs de Provence. But for now, more Nyquil, a bubble bath, and my pillow await. Damned cold…

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