10 January 2007

Still Sick: This cold is a doozy. The worst part is that my ears are really closed up, and that throws off my balance. That, and the aching all over. Stayed home again today and slept a good bit.

Speaking of COLD: It’s going to be even colder tonight than it was during last month’s cold snap. I kept the house closed up all day. Simmered some leeks I needed to use up, so it smells like leek stock in here. Now I’m simmering water with lavender oil on the stove to counter it and help keep the temperature up a bit. Smells pretty good in here right now.

Yum: Today, I made my first homemade yogurt. It’s still chilling, so I haven’t tasted it yet. It sure smelled yummy, though. And I took leftover mashed potatoes and watered them down a bit with leek stock, chicken broth and evaporated milk and made a smooth potato soup. Finished it off with a dash of white pepper, a small pat of butter and a grating of extra sharp white cheddar. The tang of the cheddar and the sweet of the leek were delicious together. Made enough for me to have again at lunch tomorrow. And I still have tons of leek stock – looks like some vichyssoise will be forthcoming (on a warmer day).

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