10 February 2007

Zombie Love: Today I went back to Cinta Salon for another Aveda Tourmaline manicure, then slogged through the rain to Walgreens and Safeway. Loaded down with shopping bags and too hungry to think straight, I took the cable car up the hill to my apartment. It was still raining, and I was the only person sitting outside on the back of the car…until I was joined by a band of zombies. Seriously. A dozen 20-somethings, dressed in tatters, made up to look bloody and decomposing, carrying dead flowers, aged poetry pages and ragged hearts – a zombie flashmob Valentine’s parade. They loaded up the back of the cable car and moaned and growled as a chorus to the people we passed as we rode up the hill. Only in San Francisco…

‘Ello, Birming’um: Someone near Birmingham, UK did a Google search for bashup and landed here. Hope this is what you were looking for!

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