07 December 2006

Arrrgggh!: Been putting in 10-12 hour days with a nasty bug. This insanity has just got to STOP. More Nyquil and off to bed (as soon as I do some work writing).

No Man Land, Revisited: The particularly delicious coworker (PDC?) squeezed in next to me on the last seat on the shuttle to BART tonight. (He’s a very slim guy – and a lovely creature.) It’s a small thing, but it does end a hectic day nicely when I get to chat with him.

TGI(A)F: This week has been SO exhausting. And the weekend looks just as busy. Been coming home and dropping into bed after doing 2-3 hours’ worth of work writing. Nothing else is getting done, and cats aren’t much for housework, so I have a week’s worth of that to cram in with the usual weekend chores (and more writing). I really need a break…

New Views: Recently, I’ve added regular readers in the Boston area and in Kentucky. Welcome!

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