04 February 2007

Stuporbowl: I’m not planning to watch until the end, but will have it on radio while I try to get my house in order for the next week. Listening to Indianapolis radio online (WIBC) to get a taste of what’s going on back in the Hoosier state. I’ll bet it’s fun to be there or in Chicago right now.

Yoga Bowl: So, I’ve discovered the trick to keeping my practice going – don’t follow a routine. When I first started, I used the 15-minute beginner’s routine out of Yoga for Dummies. I was so bored that I couldn’t manage to do the 15 minutes more than 2 or 3 times a week. Then I just stopped all together for about 3 weeks. I started up again this week and have managed 4 days in a row of 40-minute sessions, doing just whatever pose my body seems to want. Really relaxing and not at all boring. “Just Wing It” will be my mantra.

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