04 December 2006

No Man Land: Riding home on the cable car tonight, I was reminded of a conversation I had recently with a female friend. We talked about how it seems men our age and up to 10 years older all want women younger than we are. And younger men – well, it’s a given. They do too. We’re caught in No Man Land (aka our mid-40s). She spoke of the difficulty of finding someone who wanted to share more than an occasional conversation. I’m much less focused on the issue, being contentedly single, but I do occasionally regret the phenomenon. Like tonight on the cable car, sitting next to a particularly delicious coworker who’s about 10 years my junior. *sigh*
Rock On: A good friend shared a link to Wolfgang’s Vault, a site with tons of live concert recordings. I’ll have happy ears for weeks unend. Check it out – find the link in the right column!

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