02 February 2007

The Other Shoe: Well, something in my strange work situation had to give, and today, it did. Those of you who read me regularly might recall my comments about assigning work to and reviewing work of someone who outranks me. Today, I learned that he is leaving the company. I’m really happy for him – he’s off to a small agency, where he’ll write for podcasts and streaming video being used in viral marketing campaigns. He LOVES that sort of thing. He found this new position through a friend. But I’m sad that we won’t have him around anymore. He’s a complete sweetheart and has handled our awkward working structure of late with total professionalism. Plus, he’s a really talented writer.

And, now, what’s next? He and I, with part-time help from a contractor, have barely kept up with the workload at a dead run. Now we’re a man down when we need to be a man up. The open position is a level above me, and my boss had planned to promote me to that same level next month. It was going to take some work to make a business case for having two senior writers, however. This may not be a problem anymore. I’ve been encouraged to apply for his position, but that would mean having to fill mine if I get his. I move up, but there’s still just me and part of a contractor, with enough work for about 4 people waiting for us. This could be the case for the next couple of months. depending on what happens. *sigh* I hear opportunity knocking…I just hope I have enough energy to answer.

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