01 February 2007

Gavin, Gavin, Gavin: Our illustrious mayor, Gavin Newsom, is caught in a scandal. His campaign manager quit because he discovered that Newsom had an affair with his wife about a year and a half ago. Now, I think meddling in a politician’s personal relationships is not too cool – Monica or no, Clinton was an excellent statesman – but that very example (Monica) is proof enough that politicos would do well to keep it zipped. Someone WILL out you eventually – and the media will have a field day with you for well more than a day. I hope Newsom can overcome this and keep his political train on track. He’s done a lot of good stuff for our city.

Reading by Proxy (Server): There was an interesting attempt to read my blog today. There was a string of garbage in the “Agent” field in my stats for this one. (The agent identifies things like the browser/OS used, or the bot or feed aggregator if it’s a crawler.) Turns out someone was trying to read my blog through an anonymous proxy server in France. Of course, I can’t tell where they are connecting to that server from – that’s the point – but why would someone want to hide? It’s not like I have porn or anything at all exciting going on here! LOL! Too bad for my invisible would-be viewer, they goofed up the URL and got an HTTP Code 404 (Not Found) instead of my blog.

Feelin’ Groovy: Managed a nice 45-minute yoga session this morning, and am feeling the difference. Hadn’t managed to practice for almost 3 weeks, and even then, I’d only averaged about 20 minutes. It’s funny how just one good session can make the whole day go so much better.

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